Stand Fly Seats? Vertical Seats for Airplanes!

Airline fees can be quite pricey depending where you want to travel to/go, how late you book the flight and so forth. But, what if airlines install vertical seats (allowing more capacity up to 40% and lowering airline fees) Would you consider semi-standing, sitting on a saddle style seat? Obviously you cannot sit/stand in this position for a long time but perhaps a close 1-2 hours or less flight sounds reasonable. Spring Airlines which is a Chinese airline is looking into this route. These chairs are called the SkyRider. From the company, these seats are intended for short flights of 2 hours or less.

<strong>Do you think these chairs are a good idea?</strong> In my opinion, yes/no. It depends on the situation. If the prices are way cheaper than it`d be reasonable to bear but if they`re only cheaper by a bit then I rather pay more for comfortable seats. These chairs claim to be safe however it`s unfair to some because some may not even fit in the chair so how would that work and how are babies supposed to sit? I think these chairs would be quite a work out if you`re in them for two hours or less. Also, this wouldn`t be geared to the old folks as they would be tired to stand/sit, this airline in my opinion would gear toward teens/young adults who are on a budget.

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