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4 years ago

I found this on Tumblr, but I figured I`d post it on here; hopefully there are some fellow Stans out there!!! I`m posting it in Entertainment because well, its based off of Eminem, who`s a huge rapper/entertainer across the world!

Stan challenge

Everyday answer one question

1: First song you ever heard by Eminem
2: When you became a Eminem fan
3: Favorite quote by Eminem
4: Favorite song by Eminem
5: Favorite Eminem music video
6: Favorite performance by Eminem
7: Favorite lyric by Eminem
8: Favorite album by Eminem
9: The day you saw Eminem in concert
10: Favorite picture of Eminem
11: Any Eminem merchandise that you own & when you got it
12: Someone who you would want to do a duet with Eminem
13: Your least favorite Eminem song
14: A Eminem song you wished that had a music video
15: What you love most about Eminem
16: How Eminem has impacted your life
17: Number of songs you have on your iPod by Eminem
18: Eminem song that youre sick of hearing
19: Most played Eminem song on your iPod (&how many times?)
20: What you would say to Eminem if you ever met him <3

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