St. Patty`s Nails

5 years ago

Hi everyone! Happy St. Patrick`s Day! Do not forget to wear green or you will be pinched! Since my friend and I are planning on going out to the bar and grabbing ourselves a couple of "Irish" green beers (yes they do make green beers here), she decided what better way to celebrate St. Patty`s Day than getting her nails done in green glitter! So she definitely will not get pinched today!

I decided to accompany her to a local salon. At first she wanted the typical classic French manicure. But decided that it was too original and wanted to spice things up. Since we are planning on going out tonight, she thought why have the tips green instead of white. She thought that was too boring too, so in the end she wanted acrylic, green glitter tips that covered 75% of each nail; kinda like a semi gradient. And to have them filed down to a square shape. She was planning on getting them shaped into the latest trend of stiletto nails, but decided against it cause they would be too dangerous at the bar (especially if she were to drink a bit too much...).

As you can tell from the picture, she likes her nails real long. Personally I think they are way too long for my liking, because I will most likely break them before leaving the salon! Hahaha. I really do like them, but if they were a bit shorter, I would have liked them much better. She did not want a four leaf clover on her accent nail since St. Patty`s Day is only one day, and these nails are going to last for a few weeks.

How are you celebrating St. Patty`s Day? Do you like these nails?

*Picture belongs to my friend, permission granted of course*

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