St. Ives Face scrubReview!!

Soo Ive always been kind of obsessed with my skin routine. Especially because if I dont wash my makeup off at night, the next morning I will wake up with at least 3 new friends popped up on my face. Recently when I was in Walgreens I decided I wanted to try a different face wash then the Clean & Clear wash Ive sworn by for years. I chose the St. Ives Fresh Skin, and Naturally Clear face scrubs. They were having a sale on two so thats why I brought two different ones. The Fresh Skin is an apricot scrub that is suppose to exfoliate to reveal smooth, radiant skin. I use this one in the morning, the grains are pretty small so it doesnt feel like Im scrubbing a layer of skin off. What I do like is that this seems to close my pours and gives my skin a clear look. As for the Naturally clear face it is made to prevent blemishes and black heads. I use this one at night.. I know really weird to use two different products on your face in one day. But I swear I have seen a difference in my skin. My skin no longer gets dry in between when I apply lotion, my pores are always close and clean. And my face seems to give off less oil, now it could be all in my head.. But I think these products are worth the money & time. I also plan on buying more St. Ives products in the future!

* Do any of yall use St. Ives products?


**Pictures are my own**

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