Sriracha flavored Lays Potato Chips

4 years ago

Firstly, I will say I spotted these new limited edition Sriracha flavored Lays Potato Chips from across the supermarket. My grocery chain had them on an end display aisles away from the potato chip section. I only purchased these because Ive developed an immense love for sriracha to the point I put it on a lot of the things I eat (eggs, deli sandwiches, hamburgers, pizza, etc.)

I have been enjoying these as a snack, not with a sandwich or anything, but it would be a great addition to a sandwich that needs a little pep to its step. Flavor wise I feel they do give the illusion of the fact you are eating sriracha chips. If you break down the flavor layers, I would say theres a bit of ketchup, hot sauce, garlic and a vinegary zing to them. Theyre definitely unique and quite delicious. I personally dont find them to be scalding hot as some hot or fire labeled potato chips can be (such as Red Hots). These are definitely spicy, but theyre not scalding your mouth and leaving you a fire breathing dragon hot. Theyve got a nice spice element to them. Great limited edition flavor, Lays! My one request is that you make this a staple flavor in your line!

Have you tried any of the new limited edition Lays?

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