Spur of the Moment Purchase: Brush Guards

5 years ago

So right after my midterm, I went a little online shopping spree. It wasn`t really a shopping spree since I spent less than $20 lol. I was on Amazon buying 1616 batteries for my car key since they`re super cheap. Totally off topic, but if you need car key batteries/watch batteries, check Amazon! I got a pack of 5 energizer 1616 for $3! They`re normally $3 for 1. So anyways, while buying that, in the recommended products I saw the Brush Guards. I decided to check them out since it was right in front of my face.

I seriously looked at it for 15 seconds and then added it to my cart haha. I`ve never really looked into them but they were cheap and I had credit on my account so they were technically "free". They were $5.50 and came with free shipping. It took 2 days for it to get here which is really fast since it said it would take 3-5 days.

I picked up the variety pack which come with 6 guards that fit most brushes. I tested them out on some of my brushes and they fit perfectly. I used the biggest one on my ELF powder brush and the smallest one on my MAC liner brush. So they pretty much fit any brushes in between. I`ve had a bunch of brushes that fell apart from the cleanser getting into the glue of the ferrule. I`m hoping this will save my brushes!

I still haven`t had the chance to test them out yet but I`m hoping it`ll go well. I`ve seen a couple of reviews and they were mostly positive. I`m sure there are cheaper alternatives but I just picked these up on a whim lol. So have any of you tried out the Brush Guard? If you have, how do you like them? Do you think these would work out?

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