Sprint Samsung Epic Touch

I`ve had this phone for about a year now and I really do like it! I`m the kind of person who just has to have the newest phone out and for once I`ve been able to keep a phone for an entire year and actually be satisfied with it. Coming from an EVO, I was no stranger to big phones, but I was a little leery about getting this at first because the screen was a little bigger. Instead of a 4" screen I would now be working with a 4.5" screen. I was nervous that it might not be comfortable in hand but it feels pretty nice. It`s so light and thin that it doesn`t even feel like you`re holding anything really. I also loved that they came out with an all white version of this phone. The hardware just couldn`t get any better! The battery life is pretty decent too. I get a full work/class day of usage before it dies. The screen is absolutely gorgeous as well. Images and text look so bright and clear. Since I`ve picked this up it hasn`t left my hand. I email, social network and even blog from this phone no problem. The only reason I`m getting rid of it is to get the new Galaxy S III. I already loved the software on this phone so I know I`ll love the new one even better!

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