Springtime Giveaway! - REPOST ONLY

Hi guys! This is a giveaway being held by Melanie . I know, how awesome is the stuff! So in the source link is how you can all enter, dont forget to follow her, what an amazing Luuuxer! Good luck to all of you entering :)

Hey everyone! I decided to have a spring giveaway for those getting their spring wardrobe ready or for people who just love free stuff.

1. Repost this in COMMUNITY only! :)
2. Comment below, leave the URL to your post.
3. I will also make a custom bracelet for the winner and make a piece of wall art, if you want it!
4. I will ship anywhere!

I will be choosing the winner randomly so everybody has a fair chance of winning. Winner will be announced MARCH 31, 2012.

This giveaway includes:
-6 headbands: 3 plastic ones, 3 bands (flowers and pearls)
-white and turquoise dreamcatcher
-Heart Song body spray, it smells amazing!
-forever 21 dress (medium)
-chocolate candle
-3 friendship bracelets
-6 beaded bracelets
-hello kitty plush
-panda plush
-4 gen ipod touch (8g)
-The Summer I Turned Pretty, amazing summer read!
-pink sock monkey
-silver wristlet
-lace top from aldo
-8 polishes!
- I will also be ordering a pair of crochet Toms for the winner!
you can view them here: http://www.toms.com/natural-crochet-women-s-classics

Clothing and polishes are new!
Body spray and lotion have never been used.
Headbands have never been worn.
Hello Kitty and Panda plushes are new.
iPod touch has been used for a month but it is like brand new! No scratches, not jailbroken. Will be wiped (obviously).
I will be contacting the winner on March 31 for shipping info and other necessary details!

Please enter and good luck! :)
*photos are mine

Source link: http://www.luuux.com/fashion/springtime-giveaway

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