Spring Wardrobes Essentials!

Hey babes!
Here I go with another spring post. This time, I want to share a wardrobe few essentials with you guys.
1. Classic Denim Jacket: whatever shade or style suits you most, go for it! A denim jacket can tie a look together in 1-2-3-!
2. Sweaters: Sweaters aren`t only for the fall. Grab a few light, fun or flirty sweaters to wear with your skirts and shorts. throw in that one chunky sweater you love, in case there is a particularly rainy or chilly day.
3. Speaking of rain, a WINDBREAKER: is absolutely necessary. Especially if you like somewhere rainy like Washington. Nowadays, there are so may different shades and styles that finding one to suit your taste should`t be too difficult.
4. Rainboots: dun...dun..dun... Unexpected right? ;) Well rain boots tie the looks together. I`m sure with the plethora or styles you can get super cheap rain boots that are super cute!
5. Light Wash and White Denim: How for this one, to each their own. Personally, I am not a fan of white denim but I will buy some light wash jeans to switch up my wardrobe a bit. All I wear is dark denim, and I don`t want to bring the dab winter blues into the spring time.
6. Light Button Down Shirts: These will tie together any casual look that you want to look a bit more.... dressy. Not overdressed for the occasion, but that perfect balance. There`s printed! Chiffon Hi Low! Collared! Collarless! You can have your pick and war it too :)
7. Your favorite Dress: Whether it be a casual t shirt dress, or a flirty sundress, have that dress that you feel completely confident in, and would wear every day if you could. It will make a hue difference in your wardrobe!
8. Basic V Necks- because every girl has those days
9. Shorts: These are just a must have, because who wants to wear jeans every single day? If you`re not comfortable with short shorts, there are a variety of midi and bermuda styles on the market.
10. Last but not least, Your favorite Sunnies. These can carry your throughout the whole year. Who cares if people think sunglasses in the winter are a bit `douche-esque` Not you right?! Right. :)

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