Spring Valley Cranberry Fruit 4200 mg

4 years ago

I don`t get all the vitamins that I should through my diet so I compensate for that by taking my daily vitamins. One of the most recent addition of vitamins that I have been taking daily is the <strong>Spring Valley Premium Strength Cranberry Fruit 4200 mg plus Vitamin C</strong> vitamin pills.

Each bottle contains 100 softgel capsules. I purchased this at my local Walmart for around $3-4. Depending on the Walmart that you go to, I have seen duo-packs of these Cranberry pills sold for around $8-9.

Cranberry pills are often used to support the health of your urinary tract. Cranberries support your bladder walls, which promotes urinary health in both men but more commonly in women. It also contains Vitamin C to serve as an antioxidant and support your immune system.

If you are susceptible to getting urinary tract infections, I highly recommend incorporating cranberry into your diet. I have never gotten a UTI before, but prevention is key! The cranberry fruit does not treat UTIs, however, it does a great job at preventing them! Also, I much prefer taking cranberry pills over drinking cranberry juice. The reason being is that the cranberry fruit in pill form is much more concentrated than the amount found in cranberry juice. Also, if you want to count your calorie intake, cranberry pills are the better route to go.

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