Spring tiredness or fatigue: Natural remedies for a burst of energy

4 years ago

You should not treat it as a disease, but you can relieve fatigue in the spring with natural remedies and lifestyle. It is a feeling too common to all, but sometimes overstated: spring fatigue isn`t a problem, nor much less then a disease, but a response of your body. That`s why it would be wrong to fight it and try to cure it.

You can help your body to overcome this stage, rather than with real care with natural remedies that relieve your spring fatigue so sweet.
Because it`s true, you feel exhausted, without strength, unsuited to long work days and frenetic activity, yet you must bear in mind that fatigue is a condition of the body`s adaptation to changing temperatures and more light.

In the spring, in fact your bodies try to increase your metabolism to meet new conditions, and thus are placed under stress, especially the liver, that suffers, and that needs a detox cure. The first natural remedy for fatigue is a spring Detox Diet for liver, you have already discussed also to accelerate your detox phase, there is nothing better than the help of herbal teas: choose from nettle, dandelion and couch grass and drink two a day, having the foresight to prepare them when starting from loose herbs rather than buy the bags ready; It is also good not zuccherarle, opt for a maple syrup instead of sugar.

For a charge of energy, instead of classic supplements, natural remedies against fatigue in the spring are once again from the mains: spinach, strawberries, bananas, beans, blueberries and tomatoes are "energizing" foods, which allow us to make a full of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, iron.

A further aid against the exhaustion of spring there is the Bach Flowers: Oak, Hornbeam, Olives are natural and effective remedies, even more so when combined with gold, silver, diamond.

The last piece of advice: you will know already but it is good to repeat it till you drop, physical activity, lifestyle, habits and anus regular sleep is the first rule for not feeling tired, and this not only in the spring!

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