Spring Nails Look #5: Sharp as a Tack

4 years ago

Hey everyone, This is my fifth and final spring nail look for the Luuux Spring Beauty Look competition. To see my first look, click /viz/spring-nails-look-1-princess To see my second look, click /viz/spring-nails-look-2-im-going-dotty To see my third look, click /viz/spring-nails-look-3-bloom To see my fourth look, click /viz/spring-nails-look-4-pretty-pink My last look will be simple and clean. I hope you like it! Comment below which of my five looks was your favorite!
What you`ll need: A base coat (I used OPI Nail Envy) A base color (I used Revlon Trendy) An accent color (I used Nicole by OPI Positive Energy) Tape Scissors A top coat (I used Seche Vite)
Let`s get started! 1.) After base coat, apply 2 coats of your base color 2.) Wait for it to COMPLETELY DRY (I waited over an hour) and then using a piece of tape with straight edges (using scissors) place it on your nails firmly as shown in the picture 3.) Paint one coat of your accent color (until opaque) and peel off the tape right away 4.) After the accent color has completely dried (waited for an hour to be sure), place tape similarly on the nail, but further down. Apply your base color again until opaque and while the polish is still wet, remove the tape. Add top coat and your design is finished!
What do you think of this nail look? Which look was your favorite out of the five? Should I continue making nail tutorials?
Images belong to me Have a great day everyone and good luck to all the contestants of the competition! Hannah

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