~ Spring Melted Ice-Cream~ Luuux Competition 2

4 years ago

This is my second entry to the spring luuux competition! If you guys don`t already know Luuux is hosting a fun beauty related competition. That means hair, nails, makeup! You definitely should enter, since there is only 3 days left until the competition is over! The grand price gets a Sigma Mrs.Bunny Brush set and 5 other winners get 2,000 points added into their account! Definitely, enter for the fun of it or if you prefer the good old prizes as well! These nails are actually inspired my one of my good friend in school who did a melted ice-cream look on her nails. Of course I asked her how to do them and with her tips I was able to recreate them into a spring inspired theme! I`ve actually seen phone cases with these melted ice-cream appearance to them so you might have seen them around before as well! I promise you I myself am a horrible at doing my nails so if I can do it I`m sure you will be able to re-create these yourself as well! Now lets move on into the tutorial shall we? ;)

1) Pick out any 5 Pastel or polish shade that you prefer. Paint 2 coats of each polish onto your 5 fingers.
2) Wait for them to dry! Patience, Patience, Patience
3) No nail art brush? Don`t sweat just use a bobby pin! Paint the tips of the nails with a white ( I am using China Glaze`s White on White) and drag the nail polish, with the bobby pin, to create a melted ice-cream affect. If your white tips start to dry just add a drop of polish on a sheet of paper and drag that polish onto your nails.
4) Wait for them to dry and add a top coat!

They are really easy and fun to do! I love that this melted ice-cream affect since it makes the
plain old colored nails look super cute! I swear to you they look like you got them done in a
salon! I really do hope you guys try my fun and easy tutorial out and if you are willing to please <strong>comment down below telling me if you will try it out or your thoughts on this spring nails! :)<strong>

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