Spring Is Here!!!

5 years ago

Seems like Spring came early this year! Been going on a lot of walks this week because the warmth of the sun just feels so good on my skin! :) Since the weather and Mother Earth has been so good lately I`ve seen trees and flowers already blooming so I thought of a Spring theme for my nails!

*How to:
-Use any base coat that you like.
-For your background base try to use a sky blue color or anything close to it. Or choose a color that you desire :) Make sure your base is fully dried before dabbing in other colors or else its just going to be a mess :(
-For grass tips: Take any green that you have and with your makeup sponge start dabbing the tip of your nails. The only green I have is neon green so I took a white cream-ish color dabbed a little bit on the tips then my neon green.
-Next take a tooth pick or a think nail art brush if you have and make your tree trunk and branches
-Now for the tree leaves part. Take your makeup sponge again and a hot pink-ish color and start dabbing it over your branches. Try not to cover your whole nail. Then take a white-ish pink color or white and dab small amounts in random spots or the hot pink.
-If you want, you can grab any glitter that you want and paint it over your leaves to give it a little sparkle effect :)
-Lastly take any of your top coat for your finish tough!

You can make it different or your own by choosing the colors you`d want :) Next time I`ll try posting up step-by-step pictures for you guys! Hope you enjoyed this post! :)

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