Spring is around the corner...

5 years ago

Hey Luuuxers!

Spring is coming, the sun is here and heat is in the air ^^
As usual, a lot of people (including me lol) are going to do their "spring cleaning", I`va already started with makeup, I tossed a lot of things I was using anymore or that did not work for me anymore...

And once a year I also do a detox program, it lasts 30 days and it feels so good ^^

It is completely organic, and basically, everyday in the morning I drink a glass ampoule mixed in a glass of water and it "cleans" my body from the inside.

It is super efficient especially if you`re struggling with some belly fat... Of course, to lose weight there`s no secret, no magical product, you will have to be careful about what you eat and exercice on a daily basis. Of course if you don`t want to lose weight and are completely satisfied with your body then you achieved the goal that probably everyone is looking to succeed in ;)

And that`s the most important thing, you don`t have to look like a model to feel good with your body, it is yours, you can do whatever you want with it.
Unfortunately I can`t because I have competitions and physical tests coming soon so I have to drop 3 kilos fast and keep my muscle mass at the same time which is not easy so I have to intensify exercices on some areas and be on a diet at the same time which is not super easy lol but anyways!

It is much better to live your dreams rather than dremaing your life ;)
Once I`ll get there, I know I am going to be happy and proud ;)

So thanks for reading, stay healthy and happy and have a great day !

*Picture is mine please don`t take it*

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