Spring Break Getaway - Flea Market Jewelry Haul

5 years ago

Whenever I walk by a booth that sells shiny and sparkly things, I just have to stop and look, lol. These were items I purchased while I visited the Hmong Village Flea Market in St Paul, Minnesota during spring break.

I picked up this four leaf clover pendant necklace for $15.00. I think that`s kind of expensive for a flea market price but it`s very cute and my daughter really wanted it. The seller claims that the necklace won`t tarnish. We shall see about that.
Two jade pendants. They were $8.00 each. I love the color of jade. It looks so pretty.

Other Miscellaneous stuff

I can`t remember how much I paid for this peacock hair clip but I think it was around $8.00. It`s beautifully designed and the best part is that it`s all metal. I love pretty hair clips even if I don`t clip my hair very often.
A guitar key chain for my daughter, $4.00. She loves music and loves playing the guitar so when she spotted this key chain, she wanted it.
My daughter is also a big K-pop fan so she picked up two music videos DVDs. They were $10.00 each.
I bought a vest for my son, it was kind of pricey but it looked nice on him. It was $55.00. Again, another flea market price that I think was high. Not pictured.
B.A.P poster. I don`t know if they are Korean or Japanese boy band, lol, but the poster was small and cost me a whooping $11.00. My daughter picked it out. Not pictured.

This concludes my flea market haul. If you missed the flea market beauty haul, please don`t forget to check it out http://www.luuux.com/health-beauty/spring-break-getaway-flea-market-beauty-haul?blog_id=27068

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