Spring Beauty Voxbox: Sally Hansen Salon Effects! *Laced Up*

4 years ago

I recently received the Sally Hansen Salon Effects in my Influenster Spring Beauty Voxbox for free to try out! I was really happy to be given the chance to try these out because I had heard a lot of great things about them and was curious to get my hands on them!I must admit, when I first heard of these I was quite skeptical thinking maybe this product isn`t as great as I thought it would be. I have never tried any nail polish strips from any brand before so this was really new to me personally!
First of all, something I love about these is that it actually comes with 16 strips. This is great for many reasons. Now, you can do a whole manicure and still have some left over to use as accent nails for some other time. I personally just started out with an accent nail as you can see in the picture above. I wasn`t ready to do a full on manicure yet but was still eager to try this out! Having 16 strips also makes it very simple to find ones that will match your nail shape. I included a picture above that gives you sort of an idea of how all the different sizes are. It guarantees that you will be satisfied no matter what your nails look like. Another great idea would be if 10 of the strips happened to fit you perfectly, you can go ahead and buy another set and use all of the strips left over from each and do a whole nother manicure - getting 3 uses out of 2 boxes!

Now, for the product itself, I was very happy to see that it also came with its very own nail file/buffer along with a nail stick! This also guarantees that you will be satisfied and actually be able to use this product with much ease. Another thing I love is how it came with instructions because I for one was pretty clueless on these things. However if you do not feel like reading any instructions, there are PLENTY of videos out there that explain it quite nicely. When I did learn how to do it, I was like hey this is actually quite easy! I`m not one to do things perfectly but if I could get this to look great on my nails the first time then I`m pretty sure anyone can do it!

This would be such a great Idea for someone who`s going to a special event and wants their nails to look great and not have to do the designs themselves. That way they can quickly and easily put these on and automatically have amazing looking nails without any drying time at all! When you put these on, they don`t look super fake on your nails either and it is really easy to get them to go on your personal nail shape properly. All you have to really do is file them down right and that`s really simple for anyone.

As far as wear time, I find that it really did last around 10 days like they claim which is super awesome. This is amazing because even my regular nail polishes I use don`t last as long and look as great! Another nice thing is you do not have to have some special product to be able to get these off because since they really are just nail polish in a strip, you just use your regular ol` nail polish remover just like you would any other nail polish.

Another really fun thing is how many awesome designs they come in! I think they have designs that will literally satisfy absolutely anyone`s wants, needs and personality! All in all, I think this is a great product and especially for just 10 bucks, It`s like you`re getting a perfect, easy manicure in a box that you can do right at home!

Thank you Influenster for giving me the opportunity to test out this product for free in my Spring Beauty Voxbox and thank you to Sally Hansen for making a great product!

*Pictures are mine so please do not use.

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