Spring Awakening!

4 years ago

Good morning everyone (depending on where you live). This is my first post here on Luuux and so I`m excited to explain to you all how ready I am for the new upcoming season- Spring! Spring is by far one of my favorite seasons, aside from fall and summer. The flowers are in bloom, the grass begins to look alive, the skies are clearer, and most of all, everyone`s mood tends to become a little brighter. If you`re sitting at home one day and realize that you want to go out but lack some ideas, here are some that I personally put together and would highly recommend.

Spring Activities:

1. Attend a Duck Tour
These are incredibly popular, especially near the area where I live. Duck tours are long, open-windowed, and colorful looking buses that take you to explore your own city. Some duck tours even go into water, but that would be your decision. I remember going on these trips as a little girl and up until this day I`m still fond of them. It`s amusing for all ages and you`re granted to have a wonderful time with your company.

2. Spot out new Cafe`s, Diners, & Restaurants
If anyone out there considers themselves a "foodie" like me, then this is definitely geared towards you, but also the others who are just plainly looking for a new place to eat. This is my favorite activity to take part of during Spring because the weather is comfortable enough where you can walk around for ages AND enjoy a gorgeous day. Some of my favorite cafe`s, diners, and restaurants are all located fairly near the other in the same city, so go for a trip with some friends, family, or your significant other and take advantage of what your state has to offer.

3. Let`s go... Bike Riding!
Remember that?! A few years ago I was obsessed with going on bike rides. I loved he wind pushing my hair back, that feeling in my legs that I was really working them, and that overall I was experiencing the beauty of our dear mother nature. Biking, if you`re able to, is such a fun thing to participate in. You`re exercising yet you`re taking in the scenery surrounding you. You can ride independently or have someone accompany you. Either way, you`re bound to have a great time.

4. Read a book outside or plant some flowers
Books, it seems like, have been gaining so much popularity lately. I`ve been a book worm since I was breathing (okay, maybe not THAT young), but I do get joy out of cracking open a crisp, fresh new page with an unknown journey which awaits me. Whether you prefer reading out of book or on your kindle, take it outside and lay a towel on the ground, put up a hammock, or simply find a spot where you feel comfortable.
If you prefer something with a little more movement and activity, plant some flowers. Spring is one of the best seasons to plant flowers and they`ll without a doubt make the outside of your home look a little more decorated and fun.

5. Take a walk
Walks are an absolutely grand way to get in shape, yet not feel like your body is about to kill you after an intense workout. Studies show that walks reduce stress and yes, lose weight! Depending on your body weight, height, and internal health, you could lose about 50+ calories from walking if you were to do so 7 days a week for 20 minutes. Now let`s think about this for a quick second: 20 minutes every day isn`t that large of a commitment. Imagine those 20 extra minutes you spend sleeping in, watching TV, snacking on that dessert that you know you shouldn`t, or just 20 minutes not doing anything. Granted if you have a busy schedule, try to get in at least 20 minutes of walking 3-5 days a week. It`s so crucial to take care of your body- especially now that summer is around the corner. Find a park, walk around the town, do anything that keeps you active. Heck, if you want to go do some shopping and count that as your walking time, you can!

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