SPOTTED: Philosophy Makeup At Big Lots!! Say What Now?

4 years ago

Hey everyone! Guess what? I was just at a Big Lots not far from my area and spotted some Philosophy makeup!! If you didnt know, Philosophy is now currently being sold at Big Lots. Everything is being priced for $3USD each, which is crazy insane! This is definitely a great deal because if you didnt know, Philosophy is a high-end brand that is highly known for their skin care products, fragrances, and their bath & body products. I didnt even know that Philosophy even had makeup but apparently, a couple of years ago, they used to sell makeup products. I dont know why they stop selling makeup but now they are showing up at Big Lots, which is fine by me. LOL To tell you the truth, I didnt even know that Big Lots was currently carrying Philosophy makeup until NouveauCheap posted about it. She also posted about other products as well but my Big Lots store didnt carry everything. I even went to two Big Lots but the first one that I went to only carried three different products. The second one that I went to was almost like hitting the jackpot, although it didnt have all the products that I was hoping for. I also took pictures of all the products that my Big Lots carried, so you can know what to look for if you decide to go check out Big Lots. The first store I went to didnt even know what I was talking about when I asked where the Philosophy makeup was. The employee told me that if they bought in any new makeup, it would be in the makeup aisle (which it wasnt). I got tired to telling her that I heard that some Big Lots stores were putting them in random places around the store but she wouldnt listen and told me to go to the makeup aisles. I got irritated and was about to leave when I spotted a small little end cap at the front of the store. I dont know how I missed it. LOL It was probably because the boxes were so small. The second Big Lots that I went to was a better experience because they had all the Philosophy makeup in the makeup aisle. Plus they had way more than the one by my house! Check out the pictures that I took so you would know what to look for. Plus when you go and its not placed with the makeup, you can show an employee some of my pictures and hopefully, they will recognize the products and remember where they placed the items in the store. In case you didnt know, NouveauCheap also posted a master list (which I will post here) of all the products that people have been spotting at their Big Lots. I was hoping that I was going to see some more products because there was a couple that I wanted but couldnt find. For instance, I was hoping to get the Divine Illumination Love At First Light Ageless Skin Luminizer, Shimmering Face Powder, and the Blush Duo in Sunny & Bright but the store that I went to didnt have them. Although my store didnt carry the blush duo in Sunny & Bright, they did carry the blush duo in Hugs & Kisses. Color of Grace Amazing Grace Coloring Book Color Of Grace Amazing Grace Shimmering Face Powder Color Of Grace Angel Kiss Lip Gloss Trio Color of Grace Art of Blushing in Pink Dreams Color of Grace Eyelighting Shadow Duo in Heaven/Earth Color Of Grace Grace For Lips, Cheeks and Eyes Divine Illumination Love At First Light Ageless Skin Luminizer Eye Hope Anti-Aging Concealer in Light and Extra Light Supernatural Coloring Book Supernatural Instant Sunshine Mineral Bronzer Supernatural Lit From Within Healthy Cream Blush in Bare Your Soul Supernatural Retractable Blush Brush (kabuki) Supernatural Superbeautiful Superhealthy Hybrid Makeup SPF20 in Sand Supernatural Windows To The Soul in Plum Delicious and Box of Truffles You Make Me Blush Mineral Blush Duo in Sunny & Bright and Hugs & Kisses I did end up buying a couple of products and cant wait to share them with you guys! Stay tuned for my pictures for my haul, which will be posted in a couple of days. Let me know if you have been t your Big Lots stores and what products you have spotted. Please I would love to know if you bought anything. I hope my pictures will help you find the Philosophy makeup at you Big Lots and hopefully, you wont have any troubles finding them like I did at the first store. ==================================================================
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