Spotted: L`Oreal Visible Lift ColorLift Blushes

4 years ago

Hey everyone! Here is another spotted post by yours truly. LOL Here in this post, I am going to show you guys pictures of the
L`Oreal Visible Lift ColorLift Blushes. Now I don`t know if these blushes are limited edition or part of their core collection so please let me know if any of you guys have heard any information on these. I have heard that these are somewhat similar to the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes. As I was looking at the blushes close-up, they do look like they would have the same consistency as the Dream Bouncy blushes. I do have to admit that I wish that L`Oreal had checked the compacts before sending them to the stores because some of them were either less than the pan or drying up (as you can see in the pictures). I guess thats just a pet peeve of mine whenever I see a product that doesn`t meet up with all the expectations. LOL On this display, there were 6 different shades. I think there might actually be more shades popping up soon but I am unsure of that, so don`t quote me on that. LOL The shades on the display are (starting from back t front):

  • 704 Coral Lift

  • 705 Nude Lift

  • 706 Berry Lift

  • 701 Rose Gold Lift

  • 702 Peach Gold Lift

  • 703 Pink Lift

So what do you guys think about these Visible Lift blushes? Do you think they are similar to the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes and would you guys be willing to give them a try? Definitely let me know what you guys think about these because I would love to hear your thoughts! In case, some of you guys wanted to know, I spotted these at Walgreens for $12.49 each. In my opinion, that is pretty pricey for a drugstore blush. Is it just me or have drugstores been slightly raising their prices on new products? If I were to give these a try, I would just wait for a great sale or wait for these to go on clearance. LOL ==================================================================
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