Spotted Lake In Canada

5 years ago

A lake could be a place to either relax and have fun in all that space of water, but in Canada you find a lake that is not like your common lakes.
Its called "Spotted Lake" and its located in Osoyoos(Canada). The lake is now sacred site that attracts a lot of tourists to see a lake made out of spots of water.
You are probably curious as to how the lake turns out like this and the reason for that is due to the high content of a lot of different minerals present there like "magnesium sulfate, calcium and sodium sulphates" and when summer/high temperatures arrive a lot of water evaporates and leaves behind all these minerals. Other thing that seems to atract the turist and its related to its high levels of minerals is the healing properties of the water and a lot of people do like to visit this type of waters in hope that it will help with any health problem they might have.

I had never seen a spotted lake before and it is really interesting to see how nature works to leave us with places like this. I would love to visit it in person.

<strong>What do you think of the Spotted Lake? Have you visited or would you like to?
Do you believe in the healing properties of the water?</strong>

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