Spotted at Sephora: The latest Ciate Nail Art Kit

4 years ago

The latest Ciate Nail Art Kit

So I`m sure most of you have already seen or heard about the latest Ciate nail art kits. It started with "caviar" nails where you would put micro beads on wet nail polish to create a texture and look similar to caviar.

Next was flocked nails or "velvet" nails. This time, they provided flocking powder to apply to wet nail polish leaving your nails with a velvet-y look a texture.

So the newest kit is here, and this time they are pushing "sequined" nails. Basically, this time they are providing glitter to apply to your wet nail polish. Frankly, this has been their least interesting idea yet. Glitter polishes are all over the market and they can create a similar look for much cheaper.

In general, while these kits can be convenient since everything is packaged together, it`s a lot cheaper to just head to Michael`s or in some cases even the dollar store and buy your own materials. You can even order things like this off of ebay for a couple of dollars.

The only look I was mildly intruiged by is the caviar nails. However, I feel like I would be concerned that the beads were going to fall off. I would probably only do it as an accent nail if anything.

The locked nails to we looks like you wore a wool sweater while your nails were still wet and the fibers got stuck to your nails lol. Also, the whole thing is kinda pointless once you wash your hands.

As for these sequined nails, I don`t like how they are just haphazardly thrown on the nail. It would look much nicer if you took the time to place them properly on the nail. But at the same time, who has time for that? Lol

Again, I would probably only do an accent nail or something, and take the time to place they properly, if I ever try this look.

As you can guess, I won`t be buying these kits, but I may use them as inspiration the next time I sit down to try some new nail art :)

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