Spots vs Stripes-Wheelchair Basketball

4 years ago

Cadbury has held something called `Spots vs Stripes` in my community. Spots vs Stripes is a series of challenges set up by Cadbury (the chocolate company), to get everyone in the mood for the Olympics and Paralympics.

As I said earlier, Spots vs Stripes happened in my community. We played something called `Wheelchair Basketball`. You might think it would take AGES to get used to using a wheelchair, but it only took me 2 minutes! Its easy, you spin both wheels forward to go forward, the longer the strokes, the faster you will go. Its the same for backwards too, only you spin backwards! To turn to the right, you turn your left wheel, while holding the other (you have to let the right wheel stop, otherwise you might not turn!), and then stop when you are turned the right way, then continue. Its the same to turn to the left, only you hold the left wheel and turn the right! And finally to spin, you spin the left wheel forward and the right wheel backwards (at the same time), or you can do it the other way.

I think I learned a lot from the event, because my hands started hurting after 10 minutes, imagine the people who actually have a disability, they have to go through this every day of their lives. Also, it shows how much courage the Paralympians have, to go out there and compete for their country! I really enjoyed it, and just in case you ask which team I am on, its team spots! When I first did the event, I thought I could buy one of the wheelchairs just to play around in my garden with, but I don`t think I`ll be able to afford it! (basketball wheelchairs are £1,000/$1581.10!) Because of this event, I might join a wheelchair basketball club (yes, you can join even if you don`t have special needs, depending on which club you go to, and which country your in), but then I might not be able to reach the basketball hoop! (we used little baskets, so you could reach the hoop, because they were only a little shorter than the wheelchair).

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