Spotlight Lip Product: Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker pH Powered Lip Gloss

I`ve been wanting this gimmicky, flashy, ultimately useless accessory-like product ... and it is so cool. lol
It`s the Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker pH Powered Lip Gloss.

It`s got a mirror on the side of the tube and the applicator is LED-powered. That`s not all it does, but that`s mainly what I wanted it for. I think that NYC used to have a lip gloss with an LED back when I wasn`t interested in makeup, but I don`t think it`s around anymore. The ones I`ve found online were about $15, and for a moment, I almost purchased one for that much... craziness, and they weren`t even any brands that I had ever heard of before (not that brand SHOULD matter =] )

This lip gloss is selling for $9.99 at CVS. For this week, when you purchase $10 worth of Physicians Formula Cosmetics, you get $7 Extrabucks that can be redeemed at CVS, expires after a few weeks, limit 1 item. That`s pretty cool, getting 70% back in store credit. All this CVS stuff is new to me, because CVS just came to my area.

Here`s a picture of the ingredients. I don`t know anything about ingredients. Honestly, I was just testing out how well my camera could capture the tiny text up close.
On the plus side, it is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, paraben free, dermatologist approved.

This lip gloss comes in Light Pink 7598. I believe that`s the only shade it comes in. But that`s all part of its charm, because
supposedly, it `reacts to light & your pH for your perfect lip color,` `instantly matches you in 60 seconds!`
That can`t possibly be true, because perfection does not exist. =] Still, it`s cool that Physicians Formula aims to produce one lip gloss that is compatible for many different people. I never knew the pH of your skin had anything to do with skin pigmentation, but good to know...

Gotta love Light Emitting Diodes...good lighting quality and energy efficient, not to mention... cool.

Now, this lip gloss looked a little short to me, so I thought there wouldn`t be that much product in it.
It contains: 0.13 oz/3.9 g. I don`t know if that`s standard for a lip gloss. I only have a couple of them.
Rimmel London Moisture Renew lip gloss: 0.2 oz/6 ml --> plenty more in a taller, skinny tube.
Rock & Republic Luxe lip gloss: only .11 oz/3.5 ml --> deceivingly tiny amount in fat, bulky packaging.
In conclusion, I accept the amount of lip gloss in this mirrored tube, no problem.
I am surprised that Rock & Republic, a well-known brand, gives so little product, and it`s the largest tube I have...*shakes head in disappointment.* But what could I expect when they do put a lot of effort into somewhat luxurious, yet wasteful packaging?

Speaking of annoying packaging, the box that this PF lip gloss came in was fat and I don`t think it fit the plastic packaging inside very well...for those of you who purchased one and opened it, you know what I mean...

This is what it looks like on my wrist.
I think it comes out nearly clear, and slowly turns into that `perfect` light pink shade, and it is shimmery.

The applicator has a brush-tip w/ bristles, like the kind you use to paint your nails with. That`s least it is to me. Also, the lip gloss comes out kind of thick... yeah... hopefully I won`t mind too much, because usually I am not patient with gooey products.

I`ll try it out some more and see how much I like it.
But so far, I like it plenty, because that LED is BRIGHT. I may just carry it around as a handy mini-flashlight. The fact that it`s a lip gloss is just an added bonus, lol.

This is the cool part. Okay, this is only cool to me. The last time CVS had this promotion: buy $10, get $7 extrabucks, I had bought a PF eyeliner and received the $7 extrabucks, which I applied today for the lip gloss, and received ANOTHER $7 in extrabucks rewards. So today, I paid about $3 for this lip gloss/flashlight gadget thing.

Their customer service was great too. I asked someone who worked there if $9.99 still applies, even though the promotion says spend $10. I`m a very skeptical person and I don`t have faith that a one-cent difference would still honor the same promo. This person, who I think was a manager, said that he would run it through the cash register, and if it didn`t print out the extrabucks rewards on the receipt, he would just charge it as if it were $10 instead of $9.99 so I could get the $7 extrabucks. I thought that was really nice of him.
No need, because it automatically printed out anyway. Even though the receipt above says `Amount Needed to Earn Reward: .01,` I guess it doesn`t matter.

Now I wonder what I`m going to use this reward for next...
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