Spot Cleaning Make Up Brushes

4 years ago

Ever since I bought the (/viz/elf-daily-brush-cleaner-spot-cleaning), I`ve been giving a few of my more frequently used brushes a quick spot cleaning, every 2-3 days. I took pictures of how I usually spot clean, but here`s a quick step-by-step:

Spray cleaner onto a paper towel

Just a small area for smaller brushes, and a larger one for face brushes.

Wipe back and forth

Start working the brush into the solution, wiping it back and forth like you would a paintbrush. Keep doing this until your brush wipes clean.

Repeat, if desired

Some brushes need more cleaning than others. Sometimes, for my bigger brushes, I spray directly onto the brush and then sweep it back and forth on the paper towel.

Lay them out to dry.

Make sure you dry them lying down with the handles slightly elevated, so that any remaining wetness will drain down and not back up the handle where it can potentially loosen the glue that holds the bristles together.

My brushes dry a lot faster when I spot clean them, maybe because of the alcohol in brush cleaners that evaporates faster.
How do you spot clean your brushes? --- Photos are mine.

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