Sports While Pregnant Okay?

5 years ago

I had an interesting conversation with a colleague today who`s about 3 months pregnant. Her and I used to be on the company`s softball team. And actually the new season begins today. As usual the team didn`t have enough females. It`s a coed league and you`re required to have at least 3 games otherwise forfeit.

Today they only had 2 girls so my pregnant colleague offered to play. Now keep in mind this girl is super in shape. She can jog a marathon without breaking a sweat. But still I don`t think it was a wise idea to play softball 3 months pregnant. I know there are some that jog or even swim when they are even further alone in pregnancy.

But softball can be a dangerous sport regardless if you`re pregnant or not. She would play catcher but even that there`s foul balls that can go her way HARD. And what if there`s a play at the plate? Or when she gets on base and someone hits a line drive towards her?

Talk the TALK
1) If you were in my colleague`s shoes would you have played?
2) If you were in the opposing team would you want to play against a pregnant woman?

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