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Can somebody tell me why its seems near impossible to obtain a job in the sports industry now adays? I mean even with a 4 year degree from a good school seems not to help you break into the field. If that`s not enough, the basic entry level jobs are in ticket sales. This requires 40-50 hours a week, and you make in the low to mid 20k`s. I understand that it is a high interest industry, but sports also is a growing market. It seems that so many people are not leaving their jobs, in turn make less available to those graduating. This has created a log jam for the current generation. Unless you have a connect, you end up starting in another industry and usually in something not to your enjoyment. Its hard to keep the will to search for a job in there when you can`t find anoything, or the jobs require alot of expereince. What is everyones take on the economy and how it effects the job market? Does it seem like more companies are just hiring part time positions, so they decrease benefits and labor cost?

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