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5 years ago

The second prize i got from Luuux was the ps3 with the move system, which is very fun to use. To get us started and as part of the move pack, the ps3 included the game "Sports Champions", where you can find different sports to play with the move remotes.

To make the review of this game i will say what sports you can find in the game and my thoughts on it:

<strong>- Ping-pong - </strong>If you are a fan of the real ping-pong game you will like this, and even if you haven`t played before you will find it to be very fun. Its very realistic and it will provide a good amount of fun but its one of those games that i find more fun to play with someone else other than the ps3. It will also measure the speed of which you throw the ball, which is an interesting feature.

<strong>- Volley - </strong>This is one of my least favorites. Its not a bad game and its well made with the positions to throw the ball and all of that but this is one it really has to be played with someone else i think, i really don`t find it fun to play with the ps3. Still,even though its not my favorite, the graphics are good and it has a good level of detail.

<strong>- Bocce -</strong> this is one of the least active/slower of them all since all you have to do is throw a ball close enough to a first one. Nothing more than that, so its pretty basic but its still good.

<strong>- Archery - </strong>I was surprised with this the first time i played because its very well detailed. To pick up an arrow you actually have to move the remote behind your back and press the back button to grab it and then point, so its like you are going to the bag of arrows in the back. Its very fun but also very hard after the first levels because the targets are moving.

<strong>- Gladiotors / fight -</strong> This is my favorite of all and im already on the last levels. With the two remotes you can control the shield better and it garantees a good amount of fun and the fights and movements are tracked correctly and well thought.

<strong>- Frisbee - </strong>This is also one of the slowest ones like bocce and not my favorite of them all, but its still nice to have there and play once in a while.

So as you can see, i think the game is good and the move system is accurate for this game, being that the gladiator sport/game my favorite of them all.
Its a game worth having and fun to play not only alone but with more people, makes it more competitive and more fun to play.

<strong>Have you tried this game before?
Do you have a ps3?</strong>

(PS - I will be posting a review of the ps3 soon, i have tried it today since i already have it but luuux is not working fine for me with the pics and all the pics i uploaded didn`t show =/ im tired of uploading and changing them so i will try again probably tomorrow or after and see if it works)

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