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He might not be a household name like a Stephen Strasburg or Bryce Harper, but Mike Trout the rookie outfielder in Los Angeles is quickly changing that. The 20 year old rookie has been tearing the cover off the ball for the start of this season. Trout currently holds a .337 batting average, .397 on base percentage and he is holding down the leadoff position in the Angels lineup.

The biggest difference between Harper and Trout was where they were selected in the MLB draft, as Harper was the 1st selection in 2010 and Trout was 25th overall in 2009. Both of these kids are talented beyond their ages, both possessing qualities to become superstars in the next wave of stars in baseball. Both are considered the top prospects for each of there respected teams. Harper was a young, raw kid that has played all over the place in high school, demonstrating his speed and leadship. Trout was primarily used in the outfield, and has explosive speed.

So far, Harper is batting .289 with a .367 on base percentage. He is definately having a immediate impact of the Nationals efforts this season. He was called up back in April when the injury bug bit the Nats when losing Roger Bernadina and Michael Morse. He has shown glipses of why they selected him 1st overall 2 years ago. Of recent he has been starting to tune up his power and hit 7 homers, in which the last month has been where most have came. The one thing im waiting on is his speed, and increase stolen base opportunities. He currently is only 4 for 7, which is nothing to raise eyebrows to. Don`t get me wrong, the Nationals have the opportunity to reshape a down franchise through Strasburg and now Harper. And I think the future for the organization is as bright as any other team, time will tell how Harper does.

But back to Trout, who most average fans probably couldn`t even name what team he played for, or what level in the organization he was at. He is currently coming off a 4 hit game against th Giants, and he scored 4 runs as well. For the month of June, Trout is batting a ridiculous .398, and has shown a great deal of patience at the plate. The Angels were 7-14 pre Trout, and 30-18 since the call up and emergences of speed demon in the leadoff position. His good plate discipline, and base path knowledge has help the Angles manufacture more runs, and really is benefiting Albert Pujols and company.

Where I think he separates himself right now from Harper and any other fielding prospect is the 19 for 22 stolen base attempts. That 86 successful stolen base percentage is a unrealistic number, and shows he possess the knowledge of when the best time to role the dice to steal. Unlike other rookies, Trout can be considered not only a rookie of the year candidate, but the MVP of the league. If Trout keeps this pace of; average, runs, hits, and stolen bases I believe he will be in the top 3 of MVP talks if not win the honor.

The real test in my eyes comes twice a year; once right after the all-star break when you have time off which can throw off your streak of play. Also when you reach thos games in late August when the summer heat starts draining you, and you top the 100 plus game mark. Regardless of the end results, we may be in line for one of the best one-two combo`s as far as prospect position players to develop and hit their stride at the same time. Be ready baseball, who says veteran presences holds the advantage in the game of patience.

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