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5 years ago

As everyone seen this weeks episode of Vampire Dairies, well I have and I love it, so where to start about what happened without tell everything that happened.
So where to start, Elena phones both the Salvatore brothers as the week before she ended thing on a bad note with them both, Stefan did even pick up the phone and well Damon well he picked up while Rebekah was a sleep next to him.
Elijah decided to take Elena for a walk in the woods as he said they needed to talk, well they did need to talk as Elijah know that the Elena lied to him and he was there to find out the truth and boy did he, now how would you feel if you mother wanted you dead. The next thing you know Elijah hit the floor and a hole appears and he hold Elena hostage down in the hole with Rebekah keeping watch on her.
So who does Elijah turn to help him stop he mother, his brother you say NO he goes to Damon and Stefan, and warns them if they have done anything to stop his mother he will kill Elena. By the way Esther is using Bonnie and her mother to help with the spell and she need witch bloodline to kill the original. What will the Salvatore brother do, kill Elena best friend and mother or think of something else to do ummmmm.
So what did the brother come up with, turn the table around and kill one of the brothers with the help a Alaric and Caroline. Caroline took Klaus outside to get him away from his brother while Alaric stabs Kol with the dragger. As we all know now Esther as put a spell on the orginal you kill one you kill them all, but boy were they wrong, it had hardly no effect on Klaus (thank god), knowing something is wrong Klaus goes and pulls the dragger out and well they were all good again but NOT happy with the brother, Elijah joins them and tell Damon to tell them were the witches are or Elena is DEAD.
So what do the brothers do now, flip a coin to see who will turn Bonnie mother into a vampire, well they need to stop the blood line and what better way to do it then turning her in to a vampire. Even though Stefan had lost the coin toss and should have been the one to change Abby, Damon did the deed for him so Elena would not hate him.
So know that the spell did not work what happened to Esther and Finn? I would love to find out. As for the originals Kol has gone and so has Elijah but he first left a note for Elena saying sorry. Klaus and Rebekah well are still here and Rebekah also told Klaus something so important that she had found in the cave, the white oak tree has been planted again 300 year after the original burnt down the old one as this tree world kill them.
And to top the episode of the doctor Meredith shot Alaric after he found the weapons to killed the other people. So is he dead?

Frist I would like to say is that the best not kill Klaus and Elijah I will not be happy at all. Each week I loving the originals more and more. I would really like to see Klaus and Caroline to get together.

What did you think of this week episode?
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