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Split ends occur when hair`s cuticle wears down. Once split ends occur they cannot be repaired, the only option that you will have is to trim them and take better care of them next time. Your daily routines like coloring, straightening and daily massacres with the blow-dryer can cause split ends. Almost anyone who goes too long between trims will have split ends. People those who love long hair tend to face this problem more because they avoid trimming their hair. Hair split can be can be as long or two to three centimeters in length and normally split in to two or three strands.

Cuticle, the protective layer of the hair, becomes damaged as the hair grows and reaches a certain length. Due to the damage to the cuticle the fibers of the inner layers, the cortex and medula, fray. Hair cuticles are impossible to replace once they have been removed. Splits can occur anywhere along the hair shaft but it mainly occurs at the end.
Never brush wet hair because they are more delicate and vulnerable to splitting. Avoid brushing vigorously, it will cause tension and will promote splitting. Use a soft-bristled brush. Avoid intense heat of blow-dryers and irons because it encourages split ends by drying the hair`s cuticle. Use smooth surface pillows to minimize tangling. Highlighted and colored hair has more chances of split ends because the chemicals used weaken the hair. Use a deep conditioner every other month. To soften the look of split ends, using a hydrating leave-in conditioner will soften the look of split ends.

Trim at least one inch above a split end to prevent further splitting of hair. If you ignore split ends they will continue up the hair shaft causing more damaged hair. If you have split ends but wish to keep long hair than trim them carefully one-quarter inch every six to eight weeks. Treat your hair as a fine fabric to avoid split ends. Dry or brittle hair is more likely to develop split ends.

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