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3 years ago

I am a Lush addict and just the month of October alone, I have spent about $300 & visited our one and only Lush store on the island about twice a week. I know it is a bad thing, but such a good thing all at once.

I have used Chi products as part of my night hair routine to keep it silky and smooth, straight, and split end free. But I have read somewhere that Chi test on animals and I vowed a month ago that I will no longer super companies that are cruel to animal. I was worried my hair will get split ends, get frizzy, messy, and just a hot ugly mess.

Enter R & B in my life ..... err routine. I have a medium length straight hair, not too thick, not too thin, and get a little frizzy when not properly moisturize. After washing my hair, I wipe it down with my towel, comb my hair to detangle any hair, and apply R & B.

I use about nickel to a quarter size amount for my hair. Starting from the ends and working my way up to half of my hair (never apply to your scalp since it contains many type of moisturizing oils.) Rub the product all over palm up to the tips and tousle your hair to evenly distribute R & B. Comb through and you are done. I also like to use it before I use heat hair tools or even in between hair washes to give it that awesome smell.

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a soft tousle look hair, suffer from split ends, and untamable frizz.

***I write reviews on products on Luuux. Lush products are posted here because Lush website do not ALLOW to mention other products/companies within our review.

Source link: http://www.lushusa.com/R-B/03080,en_US,pd.html

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