Spitting Dung Competition... Spitting POOP, what?!

Did you know <em>spitting dung</em> is considered an African sport? How does this sport work? You put kudu dung in your mouth and try to spit the furthest. What`s a kudu, it is an African antelope animal that is usually gray or brown with white vertical stripes. Object of the sport is whoever spits the dung the furthest wins. The world record was 5.56 metres and that was an all time record by Shaun van Rensburg in 2006.

<strong>Would you give dung spitting a shot?</strong> I would most definitely not but it`s interesting that this is a popular sport in South Africa. I sure learned something new today but that`s gross to have animal "kudu" dropping in your mouth. Supposedly they put some drops of alcohol to sanitize the droppings but supposedly in YouTube clips, people pick droppings off the floor and directly in their mouth.

Source link: http://www.odditycentral.com/videos/dung-spitting-competition-will-leave-a-bad-taste-in-your-mouth.html

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