Spinach Tortellini Soup

5 years ago

For tonight`s dinner I made a spinach tortellini soup. I had never made this before but before the weekend had rolled around I was looking for some new recipes to try. By mid-end week I start to really compile my grocery list. I add things through the week as I see we need them but I normally sit down somewhere between Wednesday and Friday and write up the weeks meals and ingredients I need for them. Here and there I will search new recipes when I`m not feeling particularly inspired that week. Last week was one of those times. I searched around for some new meals to try out. I came across a tortellini soup. It looked really good but kind of bland. I ended up searching more into tortellini soups to try and add some of them together to create my own version.

What you see is what I ended up with. It was DELICIOUS! It had just enough flavor yet was light and fresh. It was satisfying and filling without me feeling like I was weighed down by my meal. This one is definitely going into my recipe book to use again.

I started by running an onion and 4 garlic cloves through my food processor. Then I sent a handful of baby carrots through for a few spins...just to roughly chop them. The carrots, onion, and garlic went into a big pot with a splash of extra virgin olive oil. I cooked them down on medium heat just until they were softened. I added some salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder to the mix. Then, I poured in the chicken broth. Next, I sprinkled in some dry basil and put a lid on the pot. I let that sit for about 10 minutes to get all of the flavors of the ingredients together. Then I went and dumped a couple-few handfuls of fresh spinach leaves into the soup. When putting the spinach in, put a bit more than you think you need because it wilts down tremendously. Then I dropped in the cheese tortellini. At this point I tasted the broth and decided it needed a bit of something. I sprinkled in some lemon pepper. THAT made it awesome. I put the lid on the pot and let the tortellini cook for about 15 minutes. After that it was done. I dipped some out into bowls and garnished the top with some fresh green onion and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese.

It was a hit! YUMM! I have some left over that I can eat for lunch tomorrow.


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