Spinach Pasta Salad Safeway Select

5 years ago

If you have followed my posts for a while, you`ll know that I often pick up my lunches at Safeway. It`s near campus and a lot more affordable compared to getting lunch at restaurants nearby or extremely overpriced campus food!

This is Safeway`s Spinach Pasta Salad that you can pick up at their deli section. I thought I would give it a try because I love pasta salads! This pasta salad has red peppers, tomatoes, and cheese. The cheese is a really strange texture and I don`t really like the way it smells, but you know cheese, the worse it smells the better it tastes! At first I thought the cheese was a piece of chicken, so when I ate it, I was expecting chicken, and I got a little freaked out by the texture because chicken is not supposed to taste like that!

I got half of pound for $2.57! It was just the right amount of food for lunch. This pasta salad didn`t taste bad, but it was not really that special, so I probably won`t get it again, but I do think it`s worth trying just to get familiar with what you`ll like and won`t like from the Safeway deli. Normally if I don`t like a certain lunch item, I won`t get anything else that uses the same ingredients because they pretty much use the same couple of ingredients for all the salads!

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