Spicy Hawaiian Style Pizza *Limited Edition* Hot Pockets!

While grocery shopping, I took a stroll in the frozen aisle and my boyfriend and I hardly buy anything frozen but what caught my attention were the limited edition hot pockets, who would have thought frozen foods have limited edition products too, lol? Since the hot pockets were on sale for $2 for 2 sandwiches in a box, we decided to buy it and try it out.

What`s in the <strong>Spicy Hawaiian Style Pizza Hot Pocket?</strong>

Canadian style bacon
Mozzarella cheese
Chunks of Jalapeno [which I didn`t notice on the packaging because it doesn`t say it on the packaging.. false advertisement!]

Hot pockets are generally a breakfast food for me? But for this hot pocket, oh no. I don`t like eating spicy foods so this wouldn`t be a breakfast food for me but more of a snack. My boyfriend and I tried this for a snack in the afternoon and we weren`t too happy with it, not what I expected (the packaging looks totally yummy though). The flavor of the hot pocket is sweet, spicy and savory too.. so many tasting combinations that my taste buds got confused, lol.

Would I repurchase? Nope, I`m not a fan of spicy foods and I don`t like my pizza spicy.

<strong>Have you tried the limited edition hot pockets? Did you like them/not like them?</strong>

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