Spiciest Beef Noodle Soup Everrr

5 years ago

The day that I went into one of my favorite Chinese restaurants, I was craving something extremely spicy. So when the waiter came to take our order, I simply asked for their spiciest item on the menu. He recommended this SiChuan Spicy Beef Stew. The unique thing about "Sichuan spicy" that`s different from the "normal spicy" taste is that the spiciness of the dish leaves your tongue tingling for at least half an hour after just a taste. In China, they call this "numbing spicy". A special spice that takes the form of a round black bead the size of a barley grain is what makes the numbing effect. The beef in the soup is cut into large chunks, but very tender and tasty as it soaks up much flavors from the soup. If you ever get a chance to go to a SiChuan restaurant, and are a spicy lover (like me :D) you must try their spicy beef stew! You won`t regret it, I promise :)

Have you had "numbing spicy" Chinese dishes before?
Do you looove eating spicy food? =)

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