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Hello Luuxers! obsession

I been having such a great summer, and sadly that fun is going to end soon. I`m actually kinda excited for school, just until finals kicks in and all that. Anywho, today I went out with my mom and her friend. So kind that she took us to an awesome Outlet Pentaluma. Last year I went there and I almost bought EVERYTHING but since now i be making my own money. I learn how to spend it more wisely like, how and where i would wear such thing. OKAY. I been wanting the Sperrys for quite some time and I knew where to get it cheaper on ZAPPOS (that are $55) but yet i didn`t get it. Until I stumble upon these. I`m not even know what store this is but it says Stride Rite Corporation?? I never heard of this store. Anywho they had this sale that was like Airwalk, buy one get the next half?? That didn`t really surprise me until I saw the Sperry and looked at the prize, 39.99. I was like WOW! i saw the darker brown first, and try looking for the size would fit me. size 2 and a half in W i was like wow. COOL!! i was so happy, i wanted to get another one cause they had all these marks on it, and it looked pretty bad... so i asked this girl, i mean women, if they had another one in the back, she checked. And came back saying they don`t pretty sad. Then she tells me how i can buy a product that can remove it, and i was can you do it, and see if it would come out?? and she tells me they don`t have such thing in the store which was kinda stupid and said she`ll give me a 10% SOOOOO later I looked around and this portly middle age man came up to me and ask me if I needed help and I decided to ask one more time about the Sperrys and he knew how to solve my problem. He casually took the shoe and I followed him and put this product on and wiped away and had it to dry. I think it was for leather shoes. Anywho, I tell him how they still have the 2 marks and how I can feel the deepest. He then tells me he`ll give me 10%, i was aight and bought it! went home, it`s gone. So i basically got horrible customer service and in return I got my Sperry`s clean and great customer service at the end. Both came out to be 65.87

Super comfortable! I cannot brag enough about these. Get your own pair! Some might not like these because their grandparents or elders wears it. I`m not surprise that they did! it has great comfort. Great shoes for kids to because it had great support, runs right between narrow and wide and stays true to the size. What i like about these, that it supper light. This can be literally my everyday shoe.


What do you think about Sperry?? i want to know your opinion.


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