Spent .8 cents on Confetti - Tasmania Devil

4 years ago

After hunting this over a year and a half I finally got my hands on the Confetti Tasmania Devil nail polish! There was three CVS I kept going back and forth hoping I would find it. Those three CVS never restock their Confetti products. Booo!

A few months ago a new CVS opened where I used to pump my gas. Boy I was excited because it was only 15 minutes away from my house. But yeah! I was shocked to see Tamasnia Devil there. I literally grabbed it because who knows they won`t restock! I did a swatch and OMG! I have been missing out for sure! You ladies and gents don`t know how happy I was. Happy dance? Lol

Let me stop rambling. Lol. I bought Confetti Tasmania Devil for only .8 cents! Yes! .8 cents. Do I need to do another happy dance? Lol I got it for cheap because of my ECB! Remenber when I bought the Physician Formula product for .8 cents? This was the other part to that transaction. I read and heard they`re dupe for the following:

Wet n Wild - Party of Five Glitters (retail: $1.99)
OPI Rainbow - Rainbow Connections (retail: price varies),
Milani Gem Jewel FX (retail: $4.99)
Deborah - Lippmann - Happy Birthday (retail: $18.00)

I`m sure there are more out there. I have a few glitter polishes like this. I might do a comparison post! :) What I love about Tasmania Devil is that there are two or three different shapes of glitters. Ahhhh! I tried my best to take the pictures, but the lighting was acting up! I hope you can see how beautiful it looks! :D

CLICK HERE for Physician Formula post: http://www.luuux.com/health-beauty/08-cents-physician-formula

P.S. My dog, Lil One made her way in some of the pictures. Lol

1. Please tell me you have this for your collection? Lol
2. What other glitter polish you recommend?

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