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I love pinterest, I have found many delicious recipes there but this one, yeah, this is the one I just HAD to make. if you`re familiar with Dr. Oz you know he`s big on natural weight loss. in one of his shows he talked about your age and weight loss, truth is once you hit my age (30s) your metabolism slows way down and it`s very hard to lose weight. he had this recipe for "weigh-orade", a tea mixture that is supposed to speed up your metabolism, it`s very simple, completely natural and I`m hoping it works lol

you will need:

8 cups of water
green tea
honey (optional)

you basically mix it all together, put it in your fridge overnight so the flavors have a chance to come together and spend the following day chugging it down. you do HAVE to drink the whole thing though. now one cup of green tea is supposed to speed up your metabolism by 12% so you can imagine what 8 cups will do, there is also an acid in the tangerine that not only gives the green tea a little extra push but it also activates a gene associated with weight loss. how this man comes up with stuff I have no idea but according to research it works. how did I make mine? pretty much like that but I used green tea with pomegranate, it`s what I had in hand and ok, anti oxidants right?

I am always on the run, driving kids around and running errands and stuff so I went to walmart and picked me up a handy "little" jug. this baby comes fully equipped with a straw and an ice pack to keep it nice and cool and it`s 64 oz, I was able to finish the whole thing in about 5 hours, oh sure, you`ll pee like a racehorse but if it helps to drop some pounds then I`m all for it !!

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