Spearmint Ice Breakers Mints

5 years ago

I purchased these mints today to combat my morning coffee breath, lol! They were just under $1.50, though the container is quite small. I find that they work really well to freshen my breath. I made the mistake of taking two at once, and it was a little bit too powerful for me - one is definitely enough!

These mints have "flavour crystals" in them which are supposed to add extra flavour to the mint. I do find that these little crystals, which are green flecks in an otherwise white mint, have more of a spearminty flavour. I quite like them, actually - it makes them more interesting than other breath mints.

For some reason, I can`t stop eating these...that`s my only problem with them! They taste really good, and they`re sugar-free, so they don`t contribute to tooth decay or bad breath, like mints with sugar in them do. Being sugar-free, they are also calorie-free, which is fine by me!

I like this variety of Ice Breakers mints, but my all-time favourite is Ice Breakers Sours. They are actually not minty at all, but fruity and sour. They are SUPER addictive and I just go to town on them whenever I have some, lol.

<strong>Do you prefer mints or chewing gum to freshen your breath? What are your favourite mint or gum flavours?</strong>

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