Spartan Races - Sprint, Super, amp Beast

4 years ago

The man and a few of his coworkers did the Super Spartan Race last weekend and I got so worried because they were wandering the woods for 5-6 hours and I road the ski lift 6-7 times looking for them and also throwing bottles of water down. There are three types of Spartan Races, the spring which is short and fast, the super which is a bit longer with more obstacles and then the beast which is at least 10-12 miles with several dozen obstacles including the traverse wall, fire jump, rope climbs, wall climbs, stream crossings, hills, and crawling under barbed wire. If you do one of each type of race in a calender year you can become a Spartan Trifecta Tribe member and have your name listed on the website. I myself can run long distances no problem but I am quite weak in the upper body and would never be able to do a rope climb or wall climb with rope and don`t want to get cut up with barbed wire like my man did all over his legs. It looked like a shaving accident gone wrong. I did enjoy watching about a third of the race from the ski lift where they raced last weekend. It was entertaining and I could see people struggle and I`d be one of those people struggling lol.

Does this race look like something you`d do?
Or would you be sitting and riding the ski lift like me watching?

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