Spartan Beast - I Was Scared For My People

4 years ago

During Canada Day weekend my man and some friends went to run the Spartan Beast in Ottawa. One of the guys John figured he`d get it done in 2.5 to 3 hours but boy was he wrong. The Spartan Beast consisted of going up and down 4 ski hills, crawling under netting, climbing walls, crossing streams/small rivers, javelin throw, running over a fire, holding kettlebells up for 30 seconds, crawling under barbed wire and passing the spartans at the end. I believe this race was about 25km. I am going to be honest I was worried that one of the people I knew got injured because they were out there between 5-6 hours running through the woods and on ski hills through obstacles. The first guys to finish, finished in a little over 3.5 hours and that is a long time trust me I know since I rode the ski lift with a friend about 8 times watching people run up and down the hills. A few people had to quit because of injuries and it was brutal because the barbed wire cut a guy in the eye and a bunch of people had cuts all over their backs as a lot of men ran shirtless.

There were a few highlights for me while watching the race, one was seeing a guy run with ripped shorts which exposed one of his butt cheeks, greeting my person when he crossed the finish line receiving his first ever race medal with a sweaty hug and kiss, and seeing a guy propose to his girlfriend right after the race. There were also a lot of fit looking men here, but I did not take pictures as I was taking pictures with the man`s camera and it`d look weird if I had a tonne of pictures of shirtless men with 6 packs on there haha.

Have you done any races and have medals for them?
Would you consider doing any races even if they were 5k?
Does this race sound too much for you? It does to me 25k alone is tiring and adding in obstacles ughh
You think it`s creepy that chick is taking pix with her camera phone at the finish? I think so "B!@tch that`s my man" haha

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