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5 years ago

Cute hair pins like this definitely make an average hairstyle a little more interesting. I used to use a lot of colorful and sparkly hair pins as a kid, but a lot of them have broken or gotten lost over the years. My mom recently purchased these sparkly bow hair pins and I think they`re really cute! She can`t remember where you purchase them, which hurts me as a blogger haha! But I`m sure you can find cute hair pins at most drugstores, Japanese beauty supply stores, Forever 21, and H&M.

The rhinestones on this are definitely a little cheap, they don`t sparkle as nicely as some other clips I have, but in a way that makes it good for school. I don`t like being too dressed up for school; some girls will go to school in 5 inch heels, hair curled, makeup done, and pretty much dressed for a party, but I prefer to look as comfortable and chill as possible. How else are you supposed to convince your professor to postpone a midterm when you look like you spent at least 2 hours getting ready for school? (;

These clips look really great tucked into a bun or just holding up a poof. They`re made of really sturdy metal, so it actually holds everything together really well. I like it when my clips are tight, I hate when my hair falls out in the middle of the day because I rarely ever have time to fix it.

Whether you have your hair straight or curled, up or down, this is a nice little touch to add your any hairstyle.

<strong>Do you use hair pins? How long do you spend getting ready in the morning?

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