Sparkling Apple Izzes

So, when I was a sophomore in high school, (about... five years ago) they used to sell these in the lunch line. And I got them pretty much every day. They were seriously my favorite drink. I would buy like five of them at lunch just so I could have some extra ones at home.

And then one day, they were just gone. It really sucked. Ever since then, I have been consciously looking for them whenever I see Izzes in the store, or in Starbucks. They do have other flavors, like Sparkling Pomegranate and Sparkling Clementine. But none of the have ever compared to the Sparkling Apple.

So in the five years of searching for and not being able to find them, I had basically just resorted to the fact that I was never going to find them again. I mean, I had checked every store, super market, gas station. Lol. Everything.

Then--- A couple days ago, I was walking around a Fry`s getting milk or something. And I saw `em. And I squealed. I bought two packages, four cans in each. They are kinda expensive. So that`s all I could get. I would`ve bought a hundred packages if I could. ;)

I see Izzes pretty much everywhere. They`re at most supermarkets, and most Starbucks`. But if you ever find the Sparkling Apple ones, you should definitely try them.

It`s basically just a sparkling juice. So it`s not a crazy sugary soda or anything. And they`re really refreshing and tasty. The apple one kind of reminds me of sparkling cider. It`s delicious!

Have you ever tried an Izze Sparkling Juice before? What`s your favorite flavour? :)

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