Spaghetti Wood Benches and Chairs

5 years ago

When I was day dreaming about decorating a future home, I came across these spaghetti wood benches and chairs and was quite fascinated by their design. The benches shown in picture 1 are made by Pablo Reinoso and if you`d like to see more of his spaghetti benches you can click on the link or visit his site to see more of what he offers. The second photo is a set of chairs called "United We Stand" by Rob Southcott. From his site it says that the "Four chairs draw support from neigbouring structures mimicking the support networks formed in human relations. Alone the individual chairs become less stable and rely on adjoining structures for strength and support." I think that is a really neat way to look at the chairs and human relations. I would perhaps like one of the benches may be next to the doorway for guests to sit on while putting on their shoes. There are benches made by Pablo Reinoso that wind up the sides of walls or over ledges which I think would be super neat to have, but a pain to dust/clean. I don`t even want to know what one of these would cost if they were available for sale. So we`ll just place it in my "pretend home" for now lol.

What do you think of these?
Would you want one in your home or is it not your style?

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