Spaghetti Squash!

3 years ago

I decided to try to my own attempt at making spaghetti squash after watching a friend make it one night (and it was delicious). I headed to my grocery store, picked one up, and then kind of wondered what to do with it for awhile, lol.

Spaghetti squash is pretty awesome. It`s a gourd and is actually similar to a pumpkin in some ways. What`s unique about it is that after you remove the seeds and `guts,` you cook it and then the `meat` actually comes apart like spaghetti!! And you eat it just like spaghetti! Crazy!!

I kept all the seeds when I `gutted` my squash and roasted them later. I popped the two halves of the squash into the oven, let them bake for a bit, and then with a fork I scraped the meat out. It came out in string like spaghetti - I couldn`t believe it was actually working! :)

I then put the `spaghetti` into a pan on the stove and sauteed it a bit with some spinach and chicken and a little bit of seasoning. Honestly, I wasn`t sure what to expect when it was all said and done... but... it was DELICIOUS!! I absolutely loved it and was proud that I did it all myself, haha! I`ll definitely be buying spaghetti squash again!!

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