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I usually love drinking some freshly made cold soymilk but since my dad didnt make any, I resorted to drinking canned soymilk. My dad would usually buy soybeans and put them in our soymilk maker where it produces very fresh soymilk, we would only add some sugar for taste. Theres definitively a huge difference in taste and I can tell that there are a lot of preservative ingredients in the canned one. In my opinion I would recommend the option of investing in a soymilk maker if you drink soymilk often. But if you want to have is occasionally, the canned or carton soymilk is a good alternative.

You can find cans of soymilk similar to this at Asian grocery stores. They run around fifty cents to a dollar a can depending on the store. You can also find a soymilk maker at some Asian stores as well as online.

<strong>Do you drink soymilk? What is your favorite brand of soymilk?</strong>

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