Souvenirs from Armenia

2 years ago

Souvenirs from Armenia

Hey Luuuxers,

I`ve been posting about my trip to Armenia, and I`ve decided to post some of the souvenirs I picked up during my trip. (FYI-Most of these items are `wearable` so I`m posting this in Fashion).

The best place for souvenir shopping in Armenia is the outdoor market known as Vernissage.

Vernissage is a french term for essentially a soft opening of an art exhibition. This market essentially began as a outdoor area for local artists to show off their work, but over the years it`s become a hub for all sorts of people to sell their wares. The vast majority of items are handmade and make nice gifts to take back for people.

I wasn`t planning on bringing too many items since I have brought back items from Armenia for most of my family before. Mostly, I planned on shopping for some of the babies in our family.

A few of my cousins have had babies in the past year, so there are lots of young kids to shop for!

In fact, one of the kids I was shopping for was born less than 2 weeks before my trip!He is only a few weeks old so I found some great, hand-woven booties for him. They have little gold anchors on the side, and will be great as the weather gets colder.

For his sister, who is over a year old, I decided to get a hair band. The flower is in red, blue and orange - the colours of the Armenian flag. It`s is incredibly cute.

One of my other cousins also has a young daughter, but she much younger (only 8 months) so a hair band like this would be too big for her. Instead, I found a small little doll dressed in the colours of the flag.

I actually have 2 more little cousins that I was shopping for, 2 brothers. 1 is a newborn and his brother is a toddler. I got them 2 matching cross pendants but I forgot to include them in the picture.

The rest of the gifts I bought were either for myself, or just things I saw that reminded me of people so I bought it for them.

One of my cousin`s grandfather has had some rough times health wise recently (his great grand-kids are who the booties and headband are for). I know that he has been a little down on his spirits lately, so I brought the wooden hand-carved cross for him.

I wasn`t planning on getting anything for my siblings, but I noticed this snake bracelet and immediately thought of my sister. She had one that was very similar that she brought back from a class trip to Venice a few years ago. Just my luck, the thing decided to unravel the night I borrowed it. I was never able to replace it, until I saw this one. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get it for her. I don`t think I will be borrowing this one anytime soon though! Lol

I also bought myself a small hand carved letter of the alphabet. It is the equivalent to the letter `A` for my name. I also bought myself a new keychain. I had one identical to it that broke so I wanted to replace it. It is actually a real pomegranate that never bloomed to full size. Armenia is known for it`s pomegranates, and they take them and dry them to use in necklaces, key chains, magnets and the like. They are very popular souvenir items.

Speaking of pomegranates, as we were leaving the market, I walked past one of the last table one this necklace caught my eye. It is made with natural stone, and has been fashioned to look like a pomegranate. It reminded me of a pair of earrings one of my friends brought back for me on one of her trips to Armenia a few years ago. They were little metal pomegranates that looked like this.
Since her birthday was taking place while I was away, so I was missing her party, I decided that this would be a great gift for her. Plus green is her favourite colour so I couldn`t resist!

I was able to get lots of meaningful gifts to bring back for my friends and family, and I can`t wait to hand them all out! :)

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