Southern Smokehouse Bacon Burger from Chili`s

At Chili`s-- I usually order the Classic Bacon Burger or the Shiner Bock BBQ Burger but I decided to try the <strong>Southern Smokehouse Bacon Burger</strong> because it`s the most expensive burger on the menu to see the difference. And, it`s nothing different between what I normally get except the bacon is cut thicker and the maple bacon tastes real good! However, I was disappointed with my local Chili`s because I placed a to-go order and my CRISPY ONION STRINGS were missing from the freaking burger. I asked for the tomatoes, salad, pickles, to be on the side so they won`t soggy but where`s my favorite part the crispy onion strings. I mind as well save the extra dollar and get the Shiner Bock BBQ and be more happy.

<em>What`s in the burger</em>
Maple bacon
Smoked cheddar
Crispy onion string -- WHERE ARE MINE :(
Ancho-chilie BBQ Burger
The veggies were on the side, I like to eat my veggies on the side then in my food.. came with pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, and onions
Served with home-style french fries
Is the burger worth it? At Chili`s yeah I would but comparing the burger to Red Robins, nope. I rather eat at Red Robins but Chili`s is just more convenient.

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